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Perhaps you live in Te Awamutu. If this just happens to be the case, maybe you also have the misfortune of having a scrap car. Is it on your lawn? Is it in your garage? Or is it parked up on the driveway? Get in touch with Cash 4 Car. Because, while you don’t actually want to keep this car and would love to see it gone, our Cash for Cars Te Awamutu team want the opposite. They want to buy it off you!

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Quick & Top Cash for Your Car

A lot of things go into the value of old and useless cars that are permanently broken down. They are usually worth a small amount, but they can be worth up to $5’000. One thing is for sure: If Cash 4 Car are buying it off you, you will get more for it than you would if you sold it to anyone else!

Vans, Trucks, 4wds and Light Commercial Trucks Wanted

In the event that your vehicle isn’t actually a car, but actually happens to be a van, don’t despair. You can still sell it to Waikato’s leading wrecking cash for car company. That is because they buy a range of vehicle types. This includes vans, trucks, 4×4’s and SUV’s. They can be very valuable if they are in great condition, and Cash for Car pay up to $7’000 for them.

Sell your Car in Te Awamutu

There is a misconception about the condition a vehicle needs to be in so that Cash 4 Car will buy it. The truth is that there is no pre-requisite condition that a vehicle has to be in. Cash 4 Car is going to appraise it, and buy it if it is offered to them. It could be written off, brand new, or anything in between. It could be completely ravaged by rust, or a mangled mess due to a road accident.

Free Car Removal Te Awamutu to Hamilton

Some wreckers will require their customers to arrange for the vehicle to be transported before they buy it or even look at it in person. Not Cash 4 Car. Some auto wreckers provide a removal service, but take the cost that is associated with it out of the amount they pat. Again, Cash for Car are not one of those companies. They do perform a removal service, but it is a free scrap car removal service.

We Buy Cars of All Makes & Models | Any Condition

If you are selling an automobile via the more traditional methods, some makes are harder to sell than others. When it comes to auto wrecking companies, a few of them out there will only buy certain brands. Cash for Car stand out from the crowd. They buy all of them. Renault, Fiat, Daihatsu, Hyundai, Holden, Honda, Chrysler, BMW, Ford, Jeep, Audi, Nissan, Volkswagen, Skoda, Peugeot and Toyota are all brands that they buy.

Sell your car fast in any condition including damaged, unregistered, broken-down, or piece of junk.

How to Contact Cash 4 Car

You can call 0800 123 660 or you can hop onto our website and fill out the quote form. Tell us about your car, and get a free quote today!

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