There are a few different reasons for why people choose to sell their cars to scrap car buyers and cash for cars Rotorua company. They may have an unforeseen expense rear its ugly head, and therefore need the money as quickly as possible. Or they could have a vehicle that is in such a bad state of neglect or damage that it will be impossible to sell via the normal methods. Those are just two reasons, and there are more.

If you live in Rotorua, and you are looking to sell your car to wreckers in Rotorua, your best bet is to get in touch with us here at Cash4Car. We buy faster and pay more than all the others. Quite possibly the most convenient way to sell a scrap vehicle in all of North Island of NZ, we even provide free car removal to the entire north island area. Call 0800 123 660 or directly email @ and get a free quote today!

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Used Car Buyer Rotorua, All Unwanted Cars Accepted!

We buy used, damaged, old, mechanically faulty, unused and unwanted cars for quick cash. Here at cash for car, we pride ourselves on our ability to out-perform all the competition. And we do this while keeping your satisfaction as our top priority. Here are the services that make us so special, and the best in all of North Island to sell your car to:

Cost Free Removal in Rotorua – There is no charge for our car removal service, allowing you to enjoy every last penny that we pay you. No hidden costs will be getting in the way.

Our Crew Handle the Paperwork – No-one lists paperwork as being in the top ten of their favourite activities. Our team member will complete the paperwork associated with the sale of your car to us.

We Accept Any Car – When you tell us the make and model of your car, we will not reject it if it turns out to be obscure. We buy them all.

Fast and Efficient Service – We offer same day sale and removal of your car. If you require that vehicle to be gone fast, sell it to us and it will be.

Want a Free Quote?

If you are unsure, and want to see how much your car is worth to us, just to get a taste of what kind of cash we will pay, get in touch. We will give you a free quote. We just need to have the make, model, age and condition of your car relayed to us. Call this number: 0800 123 660. Or fill out the online form that can be easily located on the main page of our website.

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Second Hand Cars Wanted in Rotorua

Your vehicle doesn’t have to be in any certain condition for us to buy it. Perhaps it has been in a crash. Maybe your town experienced flooding and your car is now severely water damaged. Has it simply gotten so old that multiple parts are breaking down due to accumulated wear and tear? Or is your car in good condition, but you need to sell it to make some fast money? We can accommodate you on any one of those fronts, or any that weren’t mentioned.